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Do I need to discuss my pornography-viewing practices with my pal? | Interactions |

Not long ago I lent a pal my laptop but forgot to wash my internet history from it. When I was actually one man, I used to periodically watch porn using the internet. After getting married, We have done this less usually, plus don’t find it as a problem. My e-mail has nothing untoward apart from haphazard junk e-mail emails (Viagra, depressed housewives etc).

But after getting the laptop computer right back, my good friend hinted that i ought to record out of e-mail records and wipe my history etc. It wasn’t until later on that We realised just what he had been hinting at. I’m speculating he’d an issue with me seeing this material. I do not wish him to consider i am a freak; i do believe it really is reasonably normal are inquisitive. Ought I address him relating to this, or leave it end up being?

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